Hi! I'm Tiago!

I enjoy creating websites that inspire creativity and I strive to make the web accessible to everyone.

Illustration of an astronaut in space attached to a rocket with a cable
Illustration of a computer wtih a hourglass in the screen, the World Wide Web icon in the background and a rocket flying with a speech bubble

Tech talk

Over the years I had the pleasure to work in a wide range of projects, from static landing pages to complex web applications. It allowed me to work in a wide variety of teams, technologies, frameworks and cultures.

This is a sample of programming languages and frameworks I have experience with:


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    HTML 5

  • CSS 3 logo image

    CSS 3

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    JavaScript ES6

  • TypeScript logo image


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  • SQL logo image


Frameworks & Tools

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    Next JS

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We all know that today the most commonly used programming language is JavaScript but in my opinion a good styling architecture is also crucial for a good user experience and overall performance.
With that in mind I always prefer using a responsive mobile-first approach for styling using BEM and functional styling methodologies and frameworks like CSS Modules or Styled Components.

Past projects

These are some of the projects I had the pleasure to work with in the past:

Beyond the developer

When I'm not writing code or fixing bugs, normally I will be living the life of a musician or a geek/nerd.
You are more than welcome to listen to my bands Tarsila and Letters Into Eternity or even check my videos in YouTube!
Also I have a Instagram page called Tsou Painting where I share 3D prints and RPG miniature paintings that I do.

A picture of Tiago Schmidt playing bass
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